Lorenza Micheluzzi

Lorenza Micheluzzi

Through my passion for yoga, I began to take interest in pregnancy and maternity. I began training as a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher almost without realizing it. Going down a path that to me felt unknown yet familiar at the same time, I decided to be—and discovered I already was—a doula.

Being pregnant with Elva felt like living a dream I didn’t recognize was my own. Becoming a mother is the most revolutionary thing I have experienced so far, and it was the key step in a journey of professional and personal growth. It was the beginning of a new me, and the only way to truly discover what books cannot teach—the power of female creativity, the infinite source of unconditional love, the unlimited capacity for transformation, and the resilience that only us women possess.

Since I began teaching pregnancy yoga, I have met almost a hundred mothers and babies. It is now clear to me that my calling is to accompany women in maternity, whether its sharing techniques to connect with and become more aware of one’s body on the mat, from the intimacy of birth, or helping others through the diverse array of emotions that characterize postpartum and postnatal care.

I live a continuous process of learning and self-discovery. I make sense of what I learn by sharing it for the sake of soon to be mommies and their babies’ wellbeing because they are really the only ones who can bring the love and solidarity that we all need into this world.

I accompany pregnancies, births and postnatal care in Barcelona city and province. I am a yoga professor for pregnant women and mums & babies in Yoga Omnium (Barcelona, Sant Andreu Comtal.)




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May 14, 2016