Code of Ethics

CODE OF ETHICS OF Doulas in Catalunya Association

The doulas who belong to the Doulas in Catalunya Association develop their work committed with this code of ethics.
We place ourselves next to the women’s freedom to decide all aspects of their sexual and reproductive lives. Therefore, we understand that every woman has the right to be informed about the process of pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium, as well as the right to be respected in her personal choices.
1 The work of the doula

The work of the doula is to accompany as well as provide emotional and practical support to women and their partner, either during the entire reproductive stage (pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum) or in a concrete phase of her motherhood in which she decides to count on our presence. In addition, some doulas have specific training to accompany other periods as upbringing, infertility and pregnancy loss.
We understand by ACCOMPANY:

  • Offer our physical presence to the mother and family during the(s) stage(s) in which they want to count on us.
    Listen, support and inform with respect, tolerance, love and consistency.
  • Facilitate the empowerment of women in decision-making, without judging or imposing personal criteria.
  • Support their family wishes, as expressed in the birth plan, during prenatal talks or later conversations, inviting them to ask all their doubts to their health care provider, expressing their preferences and concerns.
  • Promote general wellness for women and their babies.
  • Both doulas and families should acknowledge that their supporting role does not include that the doula talk instead of them or make decisions for pregnant woman.


2 A doula is not medical staff.

Therefore, does not give any medical advice or interfere in the decisions of the professionals. She does not perform clinical or medical tasks such as examining the mother or baby, blood pressure checks neither prescribes any treatments.

The doula will always ask the family to confirm with the doctor any suggestion or information that may affect the work of health professionals.
The doula considers irreplaceable the presence of a midwife or medical team. Therefore, we do not support birth without an accredited medical assistance.
She should promote a positive relationship and a mutual respect collaboration with health professionals.
Doulas who are also professionals in medical care and decide to provide health services to a client outside the scope of our practice, should not introduce themselves as doulas.
The doula will refer to other professionals in the event that the needs of the family are beyond the scope of her training.
3 Confidentiality

It is the moral obligation of a doula to care for the interests of the families with whom she works.
The doula should respect the privacy of the families and keep the confidentiality of any information obtained during the service.
This obligation, which goes beyond the ethics of our profession, refers to the Data Protection Law (LOPD).
4 Transparency

Doulas integrating Doulas in Catalunya Association must clearly define the service offered to clients, the conditions, the scope of the service and the corresponding fees.

The doula will be responsible for her professional diffusion (brochures, cards, blogs, websites… .) promoting clearity her role and to differentiate it from other activities to avoid confusion.
Transparency in our work benefits both sides, prevents misunderstandings and false expectations, providing clarity in the work that we offer.
5 Commitment and availability

The doula assumes a commitment with the services agreed with the family.
If, in cases of force majeure, the doula is unable to continue with the accompaniment on the agreed terms, the possibility of contact with another doula of our collective will be offered, searching for the best possible alternatives.
6 Training
Doulas in Catalunya Association members are responsible for updating their knowledge. We should strive to reach a high and competent level for our professional practice, keeping the best ways for our professional duties. This continuous updating can be done through courses, workshops, lectures, readings, research, and reviewing cases.
7 Respect to other doulas

Doulas will treat with respect, fairness and good faith the rest of doulas, whether they pertain to our collective or other associations/groups.
Between all we take the common task for improving society and of the feminine, a more humane and loving world.

8 Freedom for action

The doula is responsible for her services and fees.
Each doula is unique and, commited to the ethical code of DoulasBarcelona, she focuses her work in the way she feels more suitable for each accompaniment, preserving their freedom, creativity and facilitating additional tools that can help taking decisions freely and consciously.

Doulas Association of Catalonia

Is a space where doulas from Catalunya who share common views and objectives can have a voice and jointly spread their work. However, each doula takes full responsibility for her own work.