Why the need for a doula?

Why the need for a doula?

The challenges and demands of modern life have made it nearly impossible for extended families to live together or nearby, and the family core is a reduced one. As a result, women have lost the female environment that facilitates birth and motherhood.Those women (either another mother, or grandmother or a friend) which use to offer their support, used to be near women and, after giving birth, took care of the mother in order to cover her needs so that she could recover and exclusively dedicate to her baby.

Childbirth has been transferred to the territory of medicine and technology, so families and communities have stopped fulfilling this emotional supporting role.

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What is a doula today?

The doula appears as a modern version of this old facilitating female figure, with her loving presence and support during the beginning of motherhood.

A doula is a woman that accompanies other women during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium, taking care of her general wellbeing and needs, particularly the emotional aspect. This can include her partner and other family members as well.

A doula is not medical staff, therefore she doesn’t perform clinical tasks (her accompaniment doesn’t substitute midwifes or obstetricians)

What we already know

Doulas can accompany women at Hospitals, Birth Centres and homebirths (always with the presence of medical staff). Continuous emotional support and the confidence brought during the entire process have shown to improve and facilitate all the stages of birth and post-partum. It has been observed that women accompanied by a doula tend to experience birth more positively and have more confidence and security, which in turn benefits the mother-baby bond

Doulas Association of Catalonia

Is a space where doulas from Catalunya who share common views and objectives can have a voice and jointly spread their work. However, each doula takes full responsibility for her own work.